Forrest County Jail Docket
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Allen Henry L B/M Sex offender, failure to register

Baker Terrance D B/M No proof of insurance, mittimus, susp. D.L.

Barnett William T Sr. W/M Burglary, shed

Bartee Charles W/M No D.L., mittimus

Blankney Alvin B/M Probation violation

Boleware Mike R W/M Expired, no tag, DWLS, no proof of insurance

Bolton Joseph J B/M No D.L., no insurance, no D.L., mittimus

Bonner Alvin D B/M Careless driving, no D.L., no insurance, poss. of parpah., disorderly conduct, mittimus

Bowens Christopher O B/M Simple assault, warrant

Breland Michael A W/M Probation violation

Bridges Lisa G B/F Poss. of paraph., mittimus

Brown Melodie D W/F Fugitive warrant

Brown Odell B/M DUI, 1st offense

Bryant Danny R W/M Susp. D.L., CS, poss. of paraph., careless driving, no D.L., warrant, insurance violation, DUI, 1st offense, no fish license, non-resident

Bullock William J B/M Disorderly conduct, failure to comply, littering, mittimus, consuming in moving vehicle, susp. D.L., no seat belt

Burger Jason A W/M Receiving stolen property

Burns Joyce A B/F Susp. D.L., mittimus, speeding, all mph

Burnside Arnold Jr. B/M DUI, 1st offense, warrant, simple assault

Bush Lanita E W/F CS, poss. of marij. in motor vehicle, careless driving

Butler Jemale J B/M No D.L., warrant, no exp. or imp. D.L.

Butler Ronnie B/M Petit larceny, warrant, interfering with P/O, mittimus

Byrd Don B/M Domestic violence, simple

Calcote Kendron M B/M Consuming in public, consuming in motor vehicle

Campbell Charles R B/M DWLS, warrant

Carter Cedric O B/M Poss. of stolen firearm, larceny, auto., poss. of firearm after felony conviction

Clausell Cornelis M B/M Court order

Coggins Eric D W/M Burglary, auto.

Cooke Courtney A B/F Burglary, commercial

Cory Part Free W/M Receiving stolen property

Cowley Douglas W W/M Trespassing, contempt of court

Davenport Joseph V W/M Obstructing traffic, poss. of paraph.

Davidson James L JR. B/M Burglary, commercial, buildings, cars, dwelling, house breaking

Davis Wardell B/M Disorderly conduct, failure to comply, resisting arrest

Dement Kenneth W W/M DUI, 1st offense, careless driving

Dipprey James C W/M Court order

Drone David L B/M CS, poss. of Crack Cocaine

Dunn Patrick O B/M DUI, 1st offense

Ecroyd Rhonda J W/F Shoplifting

Faulkner Christopher B/M Exhibiting a weapon, mittimus

Floyd James B/F Vagrancy

Fluker Reginald R B/M Weekender

Fortune Devin D B/M CS, poss. of C/S

Gasper Jonathan K W/M DUI, 1st offense, refusal

Gooden James L B/M Larceny, grand, poss. of a stolen firearm

Greer April D B/F Poss. of stolen firearm, poss. of firearm after felony

Griffin Dexter J B/M DUI, 1st offense

Gunter James D W/M DUI, 2nd offense, shoplifting, 1st offense, improper equipment, driving while D.L. susp.

Guy James W B/M DUI, 2nd offense

Hall Corey W/M CS, poss. of C/S

Harp Bridgette W/F Probation violation

Harris Tiffany M B/F Malicious mischief

Henderson Annie G B/F Shoplifting, CS, poss. of paraph.

Hinton Justin T B/M Delivery of contr. to Correct., assault, simple on P/O, firearm

Holmes Catlin T B/M Bench warrant, poss. of cont. subst. w/intent to del.

Hutton Andrew C B/M No D.L., warrant, no insurance, driving while D.L., susp.

Hutton Andrew C B/M DUI, 1st offense, warrant

Jones Andrew C B/M Burglary, residential, mittimus, poss. paraph., burglary, dwelling, housebreaking

Jones Johica Y B/F No exp. or imp. D.L., warrant, no insurance, improper equipment, failure to pay

Jordan Owen W/M Contempt of court, warrant, disorderly conduct, mittimus, shoplifting, susp. D.L.

Joshua Marvin B/M Fugitive of other Jurisdiction

Kelly Raven W/F Probation violation

Keyes Floyd A B/M Vandalism, warrant, assault, simple

King Calvin I B/M Disturbance of the family, disorderly conduct, failure to comply, DWLS, no D.L.

Koch Dawn N W/F DUI, 3rd offense

Lang Vivian T W/F Accessory after the fact (Murder)

Lee Lonnie R B/M Assault, aggravated

Lee Reginald La’Mario B/M Poss. of marij., mittimus, susp. D.L.

Lee Clifton Jr. B/M Domestic violence, simple

Lewis Cedric R B/M Serving Weekends

Lewis Dedric C B/M Probation violation

Locke Ramona J W/F DUI, 1st offense, no insurance, failure to use turn signal, warrant, DUI, 1st, no tag, V.O.P.

Lofton Marsheia L B/F Contempt of court

Lofton Marvin B/M Susp. D.L., warrant, domestic abuse, expired/no tag

Loper Gary M W/M Larceny, petit

Lumpkin Samuel G W/M Probation violation

Lumzy Vincent B/M Disobey traffic control device, mittimus, no D.L., consuming in motor vehicle

Martin John P W/M No exp. or imp. D.L., warrant, no insurance, seat belt violation, no D.L.

May Michael D B/M Weekender

Mcann Clara A B/F Poss. of C/S, felony, eluding, resisting arrest

McMahon Michael A W/M DUI, 2nd offense, consuming in motor vehicle, destruction of private property

McNair Beverly D B/F Probation violation

McSwain Nekeira B/F Interfering with P/O

Molette Maurice L B/M DUI, 1st offense, no insurance, susp. D.L.

Moore Dazmond M B/M Receiving stolen property

Moses Iesheccka B/F DWLW, warrant, run stop sign

Muvarak-Patterson Darlene W/F Discharging firearm within city limits

Nelson Christopher P W/M Probation violation

Norwood Tony B/M Consuming in motor vehicle

Perry William D B/M Disturbance of the family, child endangerment, poss. of marij., no/expired, improper tag, MV-no insurance, no exp. or imp. D.L., warrant, failure to yield row or blue lights

Pigford Cecil L B/F Fugitive, warrant

Pipkin James A Jr. W/M CS, poss. of marij.

Polk James C W/M Poss. of C/S, no seat belt, susp. D.L.

Powell Carolyn E B/F Worthless checks

Reid Joseph A W/M Susp. D.L., no proof of insurance

Revels Patsy E W/F Disorderly conduct, fraud, bad checks, warrant

Rippy John W W/M Fugitive, other jurisdiction

Roberts James C B/M Robbery, simple

Roberts James E B/M Domestic violence, simple

Roberts Rodrick B/M Domestic, abuse

Robinson Marvin Q B/M Simple assault, warrant, shoplifting, mittimus, no insurance, susp. D.L., contempt of court

Ruffin Eugenia B/F Larceny, grand, mittimus, improper equipment, susp. D.L., no insurance, no seat belt

Sandelin Patrick B W/M DUI, 1st offense, reckless driving

Sanders Shanderica N B/F DUI, 1st offense

Shivers Elando O B/M Shoplifting, 1st offense

Silas Belinda F B/F No insurance, mittimus

Simmons Charla B W/F Court order

Sims James Domestic violence, simple

Sly Lindsay W/F Court order

Smith Michelle R B/F Shoplifting, mittimus

Smith Rhonda C B/F Abusive calls to 911

Smith Samuel L B/M No insurance, no D.L.

Smith Willie A B/M Domestic violence, simple

Stokes Robert F Jr. W/M Court order

Stuart Charles B W/M Disorderly conduct

Thomas Kizzy J B/F Domestic abuse, simple assault

Thomas Lee D B/F Poss. Crack Cocaine, w/intent, sale Crack Cocaine, probation violation

Thomas Patrick O B/M Child restraint, mittimus, simple assault, warrant

Todd Amanda B/F Mittimus, expired D.L., improper turn, no D.L., child restraint, improper equip., no insurance, disregard traffic device

Unserwood Jeremy H B/M Domestic abuse, simple assault

Valentino Author U/M Public drunk

Varnell Kathryn D W/F CS, poss. of paraph.

Virgil Sabrina S B/F Weekender

Walker Paul W/M Larceny, grand, felony, eluding, fugitive, other

Ward Zachary S B/M Malicious mischief, mittimus

West Jonathan D B/M Assault, aggravated with deadly weapon

Wheeler Sim B Jr. W/M DUI, 1st offense

Whitehead John P W/M DUI, 3rd offense, probation violation

Williams Joseph S B/M Poss. of stolen firearm, poss. of firearm after felony conviction

Wilson David G W/M No exp. or imp. D.L., poss. of marij.

Worthington Robert E W/M MV-stop sign, running, no insurance, susp. D.L., no inspection sticker

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